Eyebrows and eyeliner before and immediately after

​Full lips before and immediately after

Eyeliner before and immediately after


​Permanent eyebrows define and shape the eyes. This procedure is popular for those who desire a more flattering eyebrow shape. Custom colors and shapes are created for each individual. 

                                                                Solid    $400

​                                     Solid w/ hairstrokes   $450


Permanent eyeliner defines and enhances the eyes. Personal preference dictates the eyeliner width, length, as well as color. You may choose a very subtle line placed at the base of the eyelashes or a bolder, more dramatic liner. The choice is yours!

                                    Upper or  Lower      $200

                                    Upper and  Lower   $350

Ageless Beauty Permanent Makeup


Lip liner defines and enhances the shape and color of your lips. This procedure can change the size and shape of your lips as well as the color giving the appearance of a fuller, more defined lip. There is a wide variety of colors to choose from!

                                                          Lip Liner     $200

                              Full lip color and shading   $600

Additional services

We also offer additional permanent makeup according to your desires such as:

  • Tattoo removal
  • Corrective makeup
  • Scar camouflaging
  • Wrinkle reduction/dry needling
  • Touchups 

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